Monday, December 10, 2007

This is It

Well this is it people!! =...( This is my final blog... I would first just like to say this has been a wonderful semester due to this class!! This was the first class I had in my college career. I have learned so much and it has honestly been a joy to have Dr. Smith as my professor. Her kindness means so much more than anyone can ever know. Learning about lenses, FANBOYS, citations, Aladdin Research Portal and so much more cannot be summed in one blog. I will definitely take what I have learned in UW 20 and apply it everyday throughout my GW academic career. Although the wisest mind has learned so much, the wisest mind has something yet to learn...

--Christopher Logan

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Book Review

Wow! thats all I can say about the blog turned book Juile and Julia. I dont even know where to begin... this was a very nice book. It has a very light tone and keeps the reader enertained but was it an excellent writing? Should this had stayed as a blog? Personally I enjoyed the book, I went into the reading with the knowledge that the author has no previous professional experience in writing. In other words, I went into the reading with a low expectation. I feel that when I review the book that I will state that I LOVED the book. Although the book has its fault I am not aware of any book that doesn't. My favorite parts of the book were the incoporation of food into one's personal life. I also feel that because this used to be a blog it has more personalization from the author. Also the "conversation" that Julie makes with her audience brings the audience deeper into her reading. But even the wisest mind has something yet to learn. Until next time.........

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Research Topic

After thinking about the things that I like and how it compares to women's autobiography I have come up with the BEST UW topic! LUCILLE Queen of Television Ball! Seeing that I love the I LOVE LUCY SHOW, I believe that Lucille Ball is the greatest woman of TV of all time. I think that I will focus on how Lucy plays an everyday housewife on set but behind the scenes Lucy was one of the key players in the production of the show. I feel that because her life on TV and at home are two completely opposite ways of life that I should investigate her life and all "double-faced" housewives! But even the wisest mind has yet something to learn. Until next time....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The same but different.....

After reading two very interesting autobiographies and hearing a first person account from Smith Art, it is evident to me that many cultures experience racism with in their own culture/ethnicity. Two accounts that I am referring to directly are: When Heaven and Earth Change Places and Coming of Age in Mississippi. Although the authors of these autos are completely different they share a similar underlying theme, division. In Hayslip's auto she describes how Vietnam was divided into both North and South. This is very similar to the US during the civil rights movement but between the whites vs. blacks, the major motif of the auto, but also there is a more subtle theme of blacks vs. blacks. I guess this brings me to my point of why I am even writing this blog. It is shown that we as humans have become "racist" against our own brothers. From the American perspective, the Vietnamese are all apart of the same culture so it seems that they would not have as many problems as they did between each other. I compare this to Moody's auto because she explains how many of the blacks shunned their own kind because they were darker than other blacks. Because racism has been a major conflict in the past, it seems that we have made much progress but yet we have so far to go. I guess even racism is not discriminatory. But even the wisest mind has something yet to learn. Until next time.........

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Life of "Mom Writes"

Hello Again!!!

Since last my blog many things have happened! One such thing being me stumbling over a little blog called "Mom Writes" by Mary Tsao. Mary Tsao is a full-time housewife and part-time writer. Mary writes about her day-to-day achievements being a devout wife and mother. In a recent blog of hers Mary tells of her husband's birthday and how she made a yellow cake in tradition. For years she has made yellow cakes except for last year when she made a chocolate cake and decided that this year she'd go with tried and true yellow cake with chocolate frosting =p. I love Mary's blog because she is a typical housewife of the 50s and 60s (cooking, cleaning, caring for her son, and baking!) I am a person who is interested, better yet obsessed with the "perfect" American family!! That is what intrigues me the most a woman of the 21st century who loves being a stay at home MOM and is happy with it!! Not that Christopher J. Logan is a sexist pig but I feel that we as Americans have let some traditions slip away. I also feel that because Moms and Dads are so busy no one has a chance to raise a child. Not that women should be locked indoors and caged but to a certain extent women and even men should have the responsibility to BUILD a home and not just live in a house! But who am I even the wisest mind has yet something to learn! Until next time..............

Friday, September 21, 2007

Getting to Know Chris Logan!


Which ever language you choose I cordially thank you for visiting my blog. Once again my name is Christopher Logan, but you can call me Chris for short! I was born in Southern Va. and grew up in Southern Md. Life as Chris is pretty easy; I get what I want when I want. I come from a terrific household, although very busy at times. Both my mother and father are businesspeople. Time with my parents at times gets slim but we are still close no matter what! I also have two kid brothers, John and Jack. I also have the most adorable cockerspaniel, Baby!
People say that I am selfish or ego-centric but I feel that I just love myself so much until I become the only important thing in my life. (Although I come #2 to GOD)
I love shopping! Anyone who has seen my closet or spent a day of shopping with me definitely knows that I am a shopaholic. I guess I should go to a 12-step program for this. :)
I am interested in aerospace and aircraft!! I would like to become a CEO of an aviation dynasty, similar to BOEING. I feel that space is an unknown that many of us will never fully understand and because of this I want to discover as much about it as possible.
I hope that you have learned a little more about me! Until next time......